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Pilates has something to offer for everyone, some just do not know it.

Pilates has something to offer everyone, whatever your physical ability. With the focus being on raising an internal awareness to help stabilize the spine, strengthen the core postural muscles while lengthening them all at the same time. This can benefit people of all ages and fitness abilities.

If you are looking for a better posture, a stonger back, better core control, rehab from injury, better balance...pilates can help you take that step closer. Bodydoctor Pilates has a world class instuctor who instructs using mat work as well as pilates equipment such as the chair, cadilliac and reformer as well as weights and stability balls. You are carefully instructed thoughout each session, from the basics if thats what is needed. After all, you can't branch out before your trunk is strong. As you progress you'll find yourself getting stronger and better able to control your movement. The exercises become more challenging to create more demand from your body to keep you improving.

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