Weight Loss and Slimming for Women

Weight Loss and Slimming for Women

Women talk about their slimming success with Bodydoctor Fitness Training




When Rachel Davis determined to get in shape for her forthcoming wedding, she was adamant that a slimming group was not for her. 'I needed a diet and exercise programme. I actually wanted to change my body shape and sustain it. I wanted more muscle and less fat,' she explains. 'I knew that I could go on a diet and lose weight, but I worried that I'd put it back on as soon as I'd finished it.'

Rachel also decided against signing up for exercise classes. 'I wasn't terribly active. I had asthma, I weighed a lot more than I should, and my lifestyle was sedentary,' she says. 'It would have been quite challenging for me to go to a gym and jump straight in. I needed something that I could work at, rather than being forced to stand at the front of an aerobic class and puff and pant with everybody watching.'

She opted for the Bodydoctor Fitness Programme. 'I followed it exactly, doing the exercises in the right order. I just decided that there was no point in doing it if I wasn't going to do it properly.' She also followed the nutritional advice. 'After the first few days of not eating refined sugar, I stopped wanting it,' she says. Although Davis did not restrict portion sizes, she found that 'trying to chew each mouthful fifty times meant that I didn't eat loads.'

Davis started with low weights to achieve between 20 or 25 repetitions. 'I didn't want to overdo it and have an asthma attack, but I soon found that I was able to deal with bigger and bigger weights,' she recalls, 'and that was a huge thrill. My energy levels improved, as did my physical strength and stamina,' she says. 'Within six weeks I had lost a couple of dress sizes, and in 12 weeks I had lost about four.' Even her shoe size altered. 'I must admit I was a bit shy about going to the gym and tried to keep it quiet at first, but when people kept coming up to me asking me what I had done to lose weight I had to confess! The best thing was that my asthma seemed to disappear. It's an incredible feeling to regain your lung capacity after years of feeling like you're dependant on your inhaler.' 'Losing weight became expensive because I had to throw out clothes and buy new ones,' she says. 'Now it is really nice to be able to wear the clothes that I want, say if I see something in a magazine, and not even think about being able to get it in my size.' And for her wedding? 'I wore the dress I had always wanted.'




Eva Inzani had not exercised since university and had no real inclination to. She had been a size 10 for years and ate whatever she liked. But when Eva set up her own business, things changed. 'I found that my weight was going up and my clothes were becoming much tighter, but I was still very busy with my new business and I ignored the problem.'

It was the onset of summer and the thought of wearing short sleeves, slinky clothes and bikinis galvanized her into action. 'I decided to find a quick solution,' she states, 'but I had never been to a gym before and didn't want to go somewhere really impersonal.'

Eva saw an article in Marie Claire magazine, which showed the results of the Bodydoctor Programme. 'I was inspired that the results were so definite and quick,' she recalls. Eva was also looking for a fitness programme for her sister, Natasha, who was both a size 6 and 6 ft tall. 'After two seasons snowboarding, Natasha had returned to the UK really thin and she had lost far too much weight. Natasha has always been slim and she had tried hundreds of ways to gain weight - including powder drink supplements and eating copious amounts of fatty foods,' says Eva. But Natasha's fast metabolism meant that she did not put weight on.

'I rang the Bodydoctor and explained to David that I needed to lose weight and Natasha needed to put weight on,' she recalls. 'I asked David if this was possible. He explained that we could both achieve our objectives by following the programme, because it gets the body back into its natural state of balance.

'I was slightly sceptical that it would work for Natasha, but I was keen to try any possible solution.We both joined at exactly the same time,' says Eva. She followed the nutrition programme religiously - dropping alcohol, wheat and dairy from her diet. People began complimenting her on how healthy she looked. 'I had stacks more energy and a brighter complexion.' Eva had worried that working with weights would make her develop muscles. 'Instead, I found that my arms and legs were much slimmer and toned - almost flattened - and that my thighs had permanently shrunk by three inches.' In contrast, Natasha actually put weight on in all the right places.'She went up two sizes but looked very healthy and toned,' says Eva.

Dear David, Kris and Steve
Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the results I've achieved after just six weeks - it is nothing short of astonishing!!!! Never did I think it would be possible to go down two dress sizes and lose five inches of my waist in just six weeks! At the beginning of the programme, the thought of schlepping up to North London three times a week and spending an hour and half being put through my paces was horrific! Now....I actually look forward to Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays or what are now affectionately known as "Bodydoctor Days"!! You're right when you describe the atmosphere as a "coffee morning, but without the coffee" - I've recommended you to all my friends!

I'm looking forward to dropping another 2 sizes in my next session!!

Thanks a million! Emma


Dear David & Team,
Just a quick note to say congratulations on your fitness and nutrition programme. I purchased the beginners programme and, having never been able to stick to any fitness or nutrition programme in the past (let alone one that combines them both!), am still working with yours some 18 months later! I have lost 2 stone, an amazing 7 inches off my waist (!!!) and have dropped from a size 12-14 to a trim size 10. As an added bonus, having suffered from IBS for a number of years, the combination of improved fitness and the food combining diet has resulted in a massive reduction in the number of IBS attacks I suffer from.

With very best wishes,



Dear David, I have been following your Bodydoctor beginners programme for 3 months now and I am really delighted with the results. I am now at my ideal weight and size, which I never expected to achieve again, so thank-you for the programme which has helped me do this. I would be very grateful if you could now advise me on how to maintain the results. I am finding it more diffecult to get to the gym 3-6 times a week but don't want to put on weight again. Do you have a maintainance programme? Many thanks Sue Marsden Week 1: Seriously unfit and overweight. Week 6: Full of energy, a dress size smaller and over a stone lighter! I never knew hard work could be such fun, Body Doctor Fitness has opened a door to a whole new way of life. I've now sighed up again and am chasing that next dress size. Tanya Coen-d'Arcy


I just wanted to write you a quick note to complain about how much money I'm having to spend on new clothes........ Seriously, it does work, I've lost a stone and feel 100 times fitter! Its hard work but the results are so quick its definatley worth the effort. Thanks again, RB


I have tried everything to get fit, personal trainers, running - you name it, I tried it ! After reading about the Bodydoctor Fitness programme , I phoned and got on the waiting list. Eight months later, I got the call that would change my life ! I started the training and after 6 weeks lost 5 inches from my waist, one and a half stone and am much, much fitter than ever before Even though I haven't run for 2/3 months, last weekend I completed a 5 mile fun (!?) run in 8 minutes less time than in all previous attempts - even when I was running regularly. I now go once a week, Sundays at 9.00 am and despite the occasional hangover - have never failed to feel good after a session. I have to thank Dave, and the boys for the way I feel now - which is fit, healthy and slim !!!!!.

After seeing the article in the Sunday Times in May 1999, I ordered the Beginner's Program and I haven't looked back since. In a matter of 2 months I have lost around 16 llbs and am thoroughly pleased with the results. I was therefore wondering whether you have an intermediate or an advanced program that follows the other one so that I may continue the good work. Once again thanks. Best wishes, Rita Dear David After 4 years of not exercising, but many years of gym and personal trainer experience, coming to you was a real revelation. For the first time, I have discovered that there can be method in madness. All exercises, the way they are performed, the order of them and intensity, make sense. Your exercise routine is truly inspiring! On top of that, you and your first class team are motivating and fun. Not only did I lose weight, but I continued to do so even when I wasn't exercising regularly. I don't think there is anything on the market that comes anywhere close to what you are offering. I can't wait for you to bring out more books and tapes. Thank you for everything you and your team have done for me. Long live the Bodydoctor! Pia David's programme has been fantastic. He and his colleagues are exceptionally supportive and have helped me achieve some great results: I have tons more energy, and I can now wear my favourite jeans again. Most importantly of all, I feel a lot healthier. The last point is the key one for me. I developed insulin diabetes some three years ago and the impact of the programme on my condition has been tremendous - my blood sugar levels have improved to the extent that I now need to take less insulin to control them. Apart from these very tangible benefits, it's nice to hear old friends that I haven't seen for a while say how well I'm looking! I am now into my second 6 week stint. It has definitely been worth getting up at 5.00 am to fit in the session before I go to work - I even look forward to it!


David I heard about the bodydoctor through a friend.I was very doubtful that I would have the staying power to achieve the results that were promised.My motivation was my wedding in Sept.The first few weeks were pure hell, after that I actually started enjoying myself (not like me at all).If I am honest I still ate loads and drank a fair bit, yet still went from a size 18 to a size 14! Since finishing the program I am still going to the gym 3 times a week and looking forward to altering my wedding dress yet again before Sept!!!!! Louisaxx


Dear David, I am just writing to say thank you for the course, which I found very motivating. I went down a dress size and lost 4" from my waist and 3" from my hips as well as converting a great deal of body fat to muscle. I have joined a gym to follow up the good work I started with you, but I will be back soon to continue the workouts with Body Doctor Fitness on a weekly basis. I feel much stronger and fitter, so thanks to you and your fitness soldiers. All the best, Mandy Duncan-Smith. "I've been overweight for about ten years and tried umpteen diets. I hoped David was going to provide the key to success. After six weeks of the hardest exercise I'd ever done I'd only lost 7lbs. Disappointed doesn't begin to describe it! But the inch tape told a different story - I'd lost a total of nine inches. Now I'm wearing clothes that I haven't worn in years and still continuing to exercise. The hard work's not over but a new healthier lifestyle is get more entrenched each day." Mandy (35) 'Body-doctor' is a rather alarming title: it smacks of plastic surgery, of nose-jobs and tummy-tucks. However, with David, Bobby, Chris and Keith, there was no need to be alarmed. It is true that, while being treated by the body-doctors, I have been transformed physically. However, no needles, knives, or lyposuckers were needed, just their expert care and guidance. Yes, there was pain, but there has also been gain.


I purchased your Beginners Programme back in July 2000 - and followed it meticulously. I lost 1.5 stones, and still have another 1 stone I would like to lose. I am 28 years old, weigh 11st. now and am 5ft.4. I am interested in following a different programme, as I am getting a bit bored of the same programme. I noticed you are bringing out a new programme in 2001 for people who have already done the Beginners Programme. Please can you let me know when it is available, as I am dying to get into something a little different, so i can vary my routines. I actually lost my 1.5 stones by September and have since stayed the same - since I returned to University:). I am so determined to lose this next stone, but need another kick-start. As I'm home for Christmas for the next 3 weeks, am planning to try and lose another 7lbs, so fingers crossed!! Thanks.


I started the Bodydoctor programme using just the book and within three weeks I had lost half a stone and gone down a dress size. When I began training with David I went down a further dress size. My body shape has been completely reinvented and now, I just have curves where I want them to be. I feel energised, I sleep better, I am mentally more alert and I managed to come through the winter without a single cold. Signing up with the Bodydoctor is, without doubt, the best thing I have ever done for myself. I can't recommend David and his system highly enough. EmmaK Thank you. Six weeks ago I had a Migraine once a week, I was completely unfit and a bit flabby. Now I am a woman transformed ! I feel fitter, have more energy, the migraines have all but disappeared, and as an extra bonus I have lost an inch round my waist. I now have something to carry on in my own gym in the certainty that it is actually working. A special thank you to Chris, Keith, Steve and Bobby for putting up with me and making the sessions enjoyable, which is some feat at 6.15 in the morning. Warmest regards, Helen Hickson Dear David I have been doing your Body workout for the past 3 months to my amazement it works very well indeed. Particularly the ab workout. After 2 kids I had a bit of a jelly belly and now it's practically gone. I run a little gym on a small island on the west coast of Ireland, which is quite sufficient in equipment but less so on space. I intend using the programme on clients in the Autumn, they range from teenagers +, 25 -45 year old women. So I feel the programme is ideal. I run mini marathons, swim in the sea most days of the year, practise yoga & bellydancing & occasionally set dancing. I cycle everywhere and am a qualified gym instructor. However I don't believe in being obsessed with ourselves (I do other things too). Anyway that's me and my dreadful handwriting. You're a bloody genius to have sussed this stuff out. It works! Thanks. If your ever in Ireland come to Inis Mor and have a pint. My number is ********. Jackie.


Dear David, I spoke to you over the phone on the 9th August around 8.15pm. It was to enquire about the various programmes you do. I told you I had been following the 'Beginners Programme' for the last year and I thought it was excellent. I have lost a stone and a half and gone from a size 14 to a size 8/10. You said that if I sent you details of the weights I am now using and areas that I would like further work on you would send me an interim programme that I can be going on with. I enclose these details. Yours Sincerely, Jane Young


David, you wonderful man ... How am I after all this time? - still gorgeous I'm pleased to say! As you know, six weeks with you transformed me. I know that you say the pounds don't matter but psychologically they do and to lose nearly a stone in six weeks made me feel just so good!! That wasn't all though - serious inches disappeared all over, I moved down from a size 14 to a 12 and lost an amazing 20% of my body fat. 'Lovely but cuddly welsh lady transformed into a true babe!'. Well almost! And a year on, I am pleased to report that although the odd chocolate hobnob etc. has passed my lips, I am still in good shape. I have continued to do the bodydoctor workout and still have all those lovely toned muscles. Your program certainly 'reaches the parts other trainers can't reach' and if I had the time and money, I would work out with you every day. Despite a small and necessary amount of pain, you generally made it a fun experience! Jeanette xx David, Thank you for helping me back into the jeans that last fitted me 9 years ago.I'm now hooked on my weekly sessions so I think you've got me for life!I'll be taking your book on holiday with me just to make sure that the La Perla swimsuit continues to fit Bye boyo, From Joan the Celtic Princess


I embarked on a 6 week training session with Body Doctor after reading an article in Marie Claire. My goals were to increase my fitness, tone up and lose my spare tyre. I wasn't particularly concerned with losing weight. My measurements were taken at the first session and I was taken through the routine by one of the trainers (all sessions were taken on a one-to-one basis). Initially I didn't find the sessions to be too difficult but this changed as the weights increased and I was pushed harder by the trainers. A few of the later sessions I came away feeling exhausted and shakey legged but also happy that I had completed the session and worked hard. I did 3 sessions a week for 6 weeks (quite proud of the fact that I didn't cancel any sessions) and started to see results around week 4. On completion I had achieved all of my goals (toned up my bottom half; trousers now fit), increased my fitness, lost my spare tyre and 5lbs in weight. Thanks, Julie King David How could I say anything other than good of the Bodydoctor! The time, effort and money expended therein was entirely worth it. Although I lost count of the reduction in number of inches, suffice it to say that suits which had been somehwat tight-fitting at the start of the programme were more than loose at the end. The whole programme changed the shape of my body totally. I ended up with legs which were worth looking at. The transformation was incredible. Thank you for your good wishes. The pregnancy was rather a surprise - I am sure my fitness had a lot to do with it. With another 19 weeks to go until DDD, I will once again become an aging mother and will definitely turn for help early next summer to Bodydoctor to regain the shape I am rapidly losing. Kind regards to Chris and to you. June Hutchinson


I can wholeheartedly recommend David Marshall's gym and his 'Bodydoctor' fitness course. Easily assessable, David's gym provides an attractive, airy, white interior with polished wood floors, excellent showers (you need them afterwards) and of course, state of the art gym equipment. Add to this, his charming, ever-helpful secretary Susan and his lovely trio of personal trainers - Kris, Bobby and Keith and you have an excellent combination. Having arrived for a course, a sedentary, lumpy, middle-aged specimen, I left six weeks later (not a lot lighter, although I did loose some weight) but my goodness, appreciably fitter, firmer, stronger and bursting with energy. This does your self-confidence no end of good - I also started to develop shapely upper arms, which I like! Now I will have to continue and finish what I've started - except of course that there is no finish you just go from strength to strength, getting fitter all the time. I didn't find the food combining diet easy and so I just did the best I could - although I don't generally eat diary products anymore anyway and this, together with my age seemed another important reason for my doing this course - to build up bone density with weight-bearing exercises to help ensure against osteoporosis. If for no other reason all women should do this course and with David's gym and its great team and good atmosphere you cannot go wrong. Katherine Kufield Dear Bodydoctor team I am writing to congratulate you on a superb programme. I've enjoyed working with all of you - the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly - and of course most importantly the programme has been effective. I found having to commit to 20 sessions up front highly motivating - a case of either take it seriously or don't bother which for someone who has problems keeping a regular regime going is very helpful. Keeping the course going once a week is a very effective discipline. Although I haven't lost masses of weight (which is mainly to do with my diet choices alas!) I'm definitely a clothes size smaller and have become more toned. I've also noticed how much stronger I've become and how much better my riding and swimming (the two sports I enjoy) have become as a consequence. Feeling fit and fabulous at 40! Best wishes, Katie Aston Before I started at Bodydoctor I was not very happy with myself, 50, putting on weight and very very unfit - and the last two had happened quite quickly over the previous 18 months. Now, I feel infinitely much better. I can get into clothes that I had given up hope on - though there are even smaller ones still hanging in the wardrobe as the ultimate goal! I am much fitter and can out-gym my 18 year old ballet mad daughter (not that I'm competitive). I have gone down about a dress size overall, but the main objective for me was to feel fit again, which I have achieved. Overall I feel much more positive, and I also eat much more healthily, following the advice you've given me. Many thanks to you and to Chris, Bobby and Keith. I now feel able to go solo, knowing that if I need to,I can come back to Bodydoctor. And if I could persuade him to spend the time, or if you were nearer, I really want my husband to benefit from your training too...it might have to wait until he retires though! Caroline


I was sceptical to say the least. I felt I had such a long way to go in terms of getting anywhere near fit; let alone achieve weight loss.Even though I doubted every minute of it three weeks in there is already a difference. Babs Howe 6/6/99 9 st 13 lbs 30/11/99 8 st 3 lbs 30/7/99 9 st 4 lbs 31/12/99 8 st 4 lbs 31/8/99 8 st 12 lbs 31/1/00 8 st 2 lbs 30/9/99 8 st 7 lbs 29/2/00 8 st 31/10/99 8 st 4 lbs 31/3/00 8 st 2 lbs I had joined a gym in September 1998 when I was 11 stone 4 pounds, so I had already lost a stone with a combination of diet and working out. However, I feel your workout was more intensive and systematic and gave me the impetus to continue. Now I an a 5' 3" size 8. Best Wishes, Judi Chaddok