Client Testimonials

Weight loss and fitness training, women we've trained talk about their results




Marie Parchment confesses to being a bit 'Billy Graham-ish' about the Bodydoctor Fitness Programme. 'I hadn't worn a belt on my jeans for years, but after three weeks I couldn't wear my jeans because they kept falling down. I had to go out and buy a belt. It was a huge psychological boost.'

'When I first spoke to David about doing the programme,' she says, 'I told him that I was a student and he told me not to spend money on coming into his gym, but just to buy the fitness book and do the programme by myself. Although this was good advice, I knew myself well enough to know that I wouldn't have the necessary motivation to keep up the training alone.'Weight loss was not Marie's priority when she signed up for the six-week programme. 'I just felt really unfit and unhealthy, but after every class I just felt a little bit better.'

She rigidly followed the programme, giving up alcohol and wheat, drinking 2 litres of water daily and adopting a food-combining diet. 'The nutrition part looks quite difficult, but actually it is the best thing. I am a bread and cheese girl, but I don't want bread on its own or cheese on its own.

'I didn't want to get hung up on food, but it made me more conscious of what I was eating. I needed a decent breakfast and a proper meal after I had been to the gym.' Within six weeks, Marie had gone from 13 stone 7 lb to 12 stone 2 lb (85.7 to 77 kilos), taken 8 in (20 cm) off her waist - 'that was just glorious' - and was nicknamed 'the shrinking one' by friends. She then carried on training by herself, taking the Bodydoctor Fitness Book to the gym. 'I have lost another stone since,' she explains, 'and I have made many changes to my life. I still go to the gym and swim, but now I do a lot more walking as well.That's something I would never have thought of doing before. The programme gave me such confidence, and physically you feel that you can do anything. Healthwise, the benefits have been massive. I feel so much better. I am more focussed with a clear head.The Bodydoctor Fitness Programme really is the best thing I ever did.'

before and after Maries weight loss




Linda Bray had always been fairly active, until one day she collapsed at work. 'I then slept solidly around the clock for three weeks,' she recalls. 'The doctors said 'obviously, you're exhausted, but I couldn't even string a sentence of words together. If I walked from my bedroom to the bathroom, I had to have three hours sleep to recover.' Linda had chronic fatigue syndrome. 'It is important to remember that, for chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers, a lot of the time the brain is fitter than the body.The brain wants to do something, but the body cannot comply. I remember waking early one morning and deciding to go for a walk.Within 10 minutes, my legs wouldn't walk. It took an hour to get back home.

It was really a scary place to find yourself. 'I tried all sorts of detox diets. I read this book and that, searching. I saw a guy specializing in Ayurvedic Medicine but it was far too extreme for my body's needs. Nothing worked for me, but I was told that a gradual exercise programme could help. One day, flicking through a magazine, I saw an article about Sophie Dahl's transformation using the Bodydoctor Fitness Programme. Inspired, I looked through the website, I was extremely excited by it and immediately ordered the programme.

'At first I could only do five minutes, and five repetitions. I built up very, very slowly. I had to do something every single day. I knew that I had to or I could end up permanently in a wheelchair. But I was terrified that I could set myself right back, and have absolutely no energy again. But I followed the programme to the letter.

'I began by doing three days a week, but then gradually increased the hours,' she says.Within three weeks, 'amazing things were happening, and my energy was returning.' Six weeks after starting the programme, Linda was able to return to work 'and to walk my little dog for an hour! I no longer needed my afternoon sleeps.' Linda's doctor 'cannot believe' her patient's progress. 'I have to manage the chronic fatigue syndrome, and if I don't do the programme for a few days I can feel it building up again,' she says. 'I always do the set exercises. I was already a fairly healthy eater, but I cut out wheat and dairy, and now I no longer have asthma.That's it for life. I am on the Bodydoctor Fitness Programme.'




Lisa Brinkworth always hated exercise. She was the girl at school who found excuses to miss her PE lessons. Not that she needed to sweat at the gym, though - Lisa was a trim size 10, who never considered herself overweight until five years ago when she was asked to go undercover as a model for the television series McIntyre Undercover. Lisa explains: 'I had to get myself signed on the books of a model agency in Milan. I did my research, and realized that I had to be a size 8 to achieve that.'

She needed results fast, and turned to the Bodydoctor. 'My body completely changed shape as a result. I was slim but I had never had a small waist, yet soon I lost a couple of inches off it. My shape was much more defined, and for the first time in my life I had a completely flat stomach.' She adds: 'My arms toned up, my shoulders looked better. People started commenting on my figure.'The transformation worked.The BBC mocked up a portfolio of photographs, and Lisa was signed up as an older model with a leading agency (which cannot be named for legal reasons). 'I fooled the entire agency into thinking I was a model. I had a mini-disc recorder strapped to my hip, and the only negative comment I ever had was that my left hip was slightly bigger than my right one.' After the agency discovered the truth, its head claimed that they never really thought that Lisa was a model. 'They became really uncomplimentary,' she says. 'But I truly fooled them. I lived in the models' residence with the other models, and they were very interested in what I was doing in the gym.'

'Each night I had to view my tapes, and listen back over the day's activities. I would work into the early hours, and got very little sleep. I really wouldn't have survived without exercising. I felt so much fitter. I would wake up with little difficulty.'

Even when Lisa stopped training regularly for a year, she retained her longed-for waist. And when she had to get back into perfect shape to go undercover as a lap dancer, Lisa returned to the Bodydoctor. 'I am a firm believer in muscles having a memory,' she says. 'The results were really quick.'The assignment was a success. 'I was even offered a job at Stringfellow's as a table dancer, and those girls are really fit.'


This is what clients say about our one-on-one personal fitness training and our Fitness & Nutrition Programme:

Hi there David,
As many Australian ex-pats will agree, there is one massive downside to spending any length of time in the UK: the Heathrow Injection - an almost instantaneous weight gain that renders you almost unrecognisable to your friends and family back home.

Within two months of arriving in London 4 years ago, I was 1 and a bit stone more (just over 10 stone) than when I arrived (just under 9 stone). Most of it appeared to be on my stomach, waist and hips, and had I developed the dreaded bingo wings. I began to wear loose-fitting clothes and chose to ignore it. Until February, when I was invited on a beach holiday in September where I would have to expose my less than perfect self beside two of my friends who are models. A thought that made me feel ever-so-slightly nauseous.

Cue the advertisement on the tube that promised 1 stone weight loss in 6 weeks. Straight into the bookshop to buy the book and then to Argos to buy the 'do it at home' equipment (I have an aversion to gyms).

Whilst I already had a relatively healthy diet, I did eat a lot of dairy, pasta, bread and drank a lot of beer. The change in food wasn't too hard to cope with as I really enjoy eating that way - chocolate and beer was the hardest to give up. I couldn't give up on drinking altogether, so I would allow myself a couple of glasses of red on the weekend as a treat. However, I hadn't done set exercise (I walk a bit and play the odd game of tennis) for a good 3 years, so the exercise was a shock to the system to start with.

The first few times I did the exercise I nearly cried with frustration - I was so much more unfit than I originally thought. However, it became easier each time I did it and I really felt like I was achieving something by getting 5 more reps in of each excercise as I built up to 25 reps. By the end of the first three weeks I was getting really low - I felt like I was working my heart out, and nothing was changing. Then all of a sudden it happened. It literally started dropping off. By the end of the six weeks I was almost 2 dress sizes smaller. The best moment was trying on a pair of jeans which I bought a year ago with the intention of 'slimming into' (which obviously I had never worn) - I had to hold them up as I walked around as they're already too big. The rest of my trousers are literally being held up by my belts. My whole body shape has changed.

I guess the best reaction to my weight loss has been the response from friends who didn't see me for the 6 weeks I was on the programme - such huge compliments. In fact, it became embarrassing how many of the conversations at our social get-togethers turned to how well I looked. And the biggest compliment of all is that at least four of my friends have bought the book and started the programme (I've just seen one of them turn up for work in a pair of trousers that haven't fit her since last summer).

I've indulged a bit food-wise since the end of the six weeks, but by keeping up the exercise I've managed to maintain the the weight loss. But I do plan to do another six weeks of proper programme before I go on that holiday.

My friends and I think David is, as we say in the Australias, a legend.



I refer to our recent telephone conversation and write to thank you for the overall effect your "bodydoctor" fitness programme has had on me.

In the year or so since starting the programme, I have not only reduced shape by one dress size but feel fitter and healthier.

I have achieved more in one year with your workout than I did for the previous three years of regular gym workouts. Even the fitness instructors at my gym are impressed at the amount of fitness and lean-ness I have achieved and have been interested in your workout !

I continue to use your programme but would love to receive news of any new programme when you release it and have forwarded my details for this purpose.

From a dedicated follower of the bodydoctor.


Hello Dave

I can't tell you how pleased I am to have done the programme. I feel really fit and am delighted to have changed back to the figure I had 10 years ago. The sessions gave me a real sense of achievement as the trainers were so encouraging, even when at times I thought I couldn't possibly do another repetition!

Most importantly though, the course has given me the determination to continue with my fitness regime and I am continuing to work out three times a week following the programme. (I only wish I could afford to continue with a session a week!)

Thanks so much for making me feel good about myself again. And thanks to the guys for their patience and encouragement.

With kind regards
Philippa Gitlin


David, as promised, here is an email from me to put in writing what I told you when I finished the programme last weekend....
I'm really pleased with the results - not only did I lose over 12 inches - I feel a whole lot better than I did, with higher energy levels and clothes that fit better! Making the time to get to Chalk Farm 3 times a week (from W4) was a real effort, but worth it. I really enjoyed working out with Steve and Ollie (they were nice to me most of the time) and miss coming to see you guys every other day.

As you know, I'm keen to come back in a few weeks time to keep up the results, so I'll call you nearer the time, but can you keep me in mind for an evening slot starting as soon as possible after Easter?

Thanks again,


I've always exercised but my bodyshape has never changed. Then I went to the BodyDoctor and I saw my hips, waist, thighs take shape. I feel like a woman now, all curvy (in the right places!) and toned all in just six weeks of David's miraculous programme. Although an expensive investment I can honestly say that every penny is worth the dramatic results and of course the in-house entertainment from David, Steve and the rest of the team. Yes, it's hard work and you sweat profusely for an hour and a half, but it's worth every aching muscle because unlike anything you've tried or will try, it gets results. Whether you want to shift those extra pounds, redefine your bodyshape or improve your fitness levels, the BodyDoctor programme is your answer. Thank you for transforming my body and giving me confidence that I thought was impossible. Love the 'new' Tamara x


EVERYTHING you have ever read about the amazing results achieved on the Bodydoctor programme is true!

When I first heard of it I knew it was exactly what I needed. Unfortunately, instead of doing something about it I stopped exercising for 3 years instead. Having spiralled 3 sizes to a size 18 in denial (i.e. nearly a 20!), even thinking about the hours I was going to have to put in before I saw any improvement made me exhausted and grumpy. 3 months ago, I bit the bullet and arranged to do a one-to-one course of 20 sessions at David's gym. At the start, the cost sounded like an awful lot but I justified it as being equivalent to a damn good 2 week holiday. Doing the programme was hard work, but not as hard as exercising inefficiently on my own with little result and although I did eat healthily I didn't starve and I didn't deny any pressing need that arose for white wine!

At the end of 6 weeks the change was truly remarkable. I was a genuine (no cheating) 2 sizes smaller!!!! I felt fantastic, I looked fantastic, I was a lot less grumpy and I knew that it had been the best investment I had ever made!

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for something that will help you get fitter/thinner etc...what are you waiting for?


I've never been the thinnest person in the world, but I definitely used be 'thinner' and 'cuter'... when I was 'younger.' Somehow, between aging well into my late 30s and distractions on both the personal and career sides, I managed to seriously pile on the pounds over the last few years, finally reaching over 200 pounds and a dangerous point of self-loathing because I couldn't or wouldn't commit to losing weight.

Finally, I decided it was 'now or never' and to take control of the only area of my life that was completely out of control.

Enter The Body Doc...

After the serious pep talk he gave me on the phone questioning whether I was really ready to commit to his programme, I showed up scared to death of the commitment, the physical exertion and having to face up to just how unfit I had become.

My first session was great and not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. I was weighed, measured and had my body fat percentage calculated (not very pleasant, but David was very nice in explaining it all to me, so I resisted the urge to cry). I was then taken through the workout routine to test my abilities. The bad news was that my cardio abilities were shite, and I was gasping for air after 4 minutes on the stair stepper; but the good news was that I was a lot stronger with the weights, than I would have expected.

Over the last seven weeks, I have become much stronger and fitter, even though I still glare and swear at the trainers from time to time, when I feel I can't do something. Amazingly, though, I am always able to complete the exercises they give me. I have also followed the food combining programme quite strictly, and am really pleased with the added results that has achieved.

David is completely mad, but very knowledgeable and quite huggable. I adore him, especially because he treats you equally and makes you feel really good about yourself, regardless of whether you're a celeb, a CEO or a housewife. The other trainers are also great, and the workouts actually sail by, even though you've been 'tortured' for the previous hour-and-a-half.

I have lost almost 3 dress sizes during the programme, have re-discovered my legs and my waist and regularly get compliments from people. Even my face is much thinner, and hopefully a bit 'cuter' again. I am back in control...

I would recommend The Body Doctor Fitness Programme (and actually, already have) to anyone, whether you want to lose weight or redefine your existing body shape. Two warnings, though: 1). Don't do it, if you're not ready to sweat a lot, work your muscles until they burn and consistently commit to the 20 sessions; 2). and be prepared for David to sing made up songs to you about your workout -- in English and Spanish.

Monique Garner, NW3


As a regular gym goer I had always taken my fitness and suppleness for granted, but on turning 30 I noticed that my stamina levels had fallen, my muscle tone had disappeared and my suppleness was seizing up. I first heard about the Bodydoctor programme in an article in The Sunday Times and decided to order it and give it a go. Little did I think that I would still be using the same programme two years later. The results have far exceeded my expectations in several counts. The programme is remarkably easy to follow. The weights routine is not complicated and the cardio session at the end of the programme always meant that I left the gym feeling energised. My stamina has improved noticeably. My muscle tone has returned, but not that pumped up look, but the sleek muscle tone that I had when I was a teenager and studied ballet. The yoga inspired stretch section has also halted the stiffness that was taking hold of my back, neck and shoulders. At 8st and 5'4 I didn't need to lose weight, but my body shape has changed noticeably. My hips are slimmer, my legs leaner, and my arms and torso have that sculpted look. I remember feeling quite daunted by the programme at the start and the thought of trying to get to the gym three times a week, but now, it is second nature. I would recommend the programme to anyone, whatever their level of fitness, as the most comprehensive fitness programme.

Jane Corera


I have recently purchased your Beginners Programme and I am finding it to be extremely effective! May I also take this opportunity to say congratulations on your great programme!! I am enjoying using it very much. I will email you with details of my progress in due course! Thanks again, Regards, Debbie Dear David, Firstly I would like to say thank you for having written such an interesting and enjoyable program. I have received this program a week ago and have been following it very carefully during that week, for 3 days exactly. I have been using the gym for a few years now but never have I enjoyed a program so much To tell you the truth I have always preferred classes because I have never managed to follow a program in the gym for more than a few weeks because it was so boring. With your program I know it is going to be different because I am motivating and I want it to work for me. Also your book is so easy to follow and so well design that I know I am doing the exercises right. Kind regards, Gaelle


I sum up the programme as follows: "unbelievably hard work being pushed further than I could imagine I could go but the desired results are already starting to show after 4 weeks. I strongly recommend the programme with highly knowledgeable instructors who are great fun. Money well spent." Regards, Tish. After many years of trying to tone up and get fit I found body doctor fitness. The program is highly effective - one cannot imagine that after Only 6 weeks one's shape can change that dramatically. I was not overweight but did need to tone up - I lost 1/2 stone without trying - I felt energized and confident - ready to face the world. The program teaches one how to exercise properly for the rest of ones life. it is also fun and given the chance I would always want to exercise in their gym. I strongly recommend everyone to do this course - whoever you are you will be guaranteed significant results I have never seen anything more effective. it was pure luck that I stumbled upon this course and its one of the best things I have ever done. David - hope that works for you. Enjoy the sunshine, best wishes Susan Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you all for helping to transform my bod with your programme, for helping me to break my bad over-exercising habit (well almost - I think I'm hooked on those endorphins!) and for showing me a more effective way to train....and eat! The six week programme has definitely been noticeable - friends have commented and really noticed that I'm more toned, have more muscle definition and a very flat stomach! (think thats due to Bobby bouncing that horrible ball on my tum - and enjoying it!) - I feel much fitter and stronger - I have really enjoyed working with the free weights (didn't expect to!) and am still amazed at each session that I can actually do it! (those weights are real heavy!) - basically I have toned up and achieved more than I hoped for in the six weeks - so much so that I'm doing another block - sucker for punishment! Thanks also for ALL the pep talks - I know I can be a pain and probably very paranoid!! (under-statement!) - poor body image etc - I think I see myself as about 2 sizes bigger than I am when I look in the mirror but I really appreciate Bobby's patience and I'm getting there - one day I WILL be happy with me!! (honestly!) Anyways THANK YOU - I have tons of energy, feel great and have bought lots of summer clothes a size smaller (10!!!)....however they are all going back due to our lack of sun!!! lots of love and hugs, Patricia


I would like to commend you on the techniques that are used in the training that you supply in your gym. I used to be an athlete in my early teens and a professional dancer in my late teens and never did I notice a change in my body and fitness as quick as I have seen one the two weeks I have been training with you! I am now a professional singer and needed to get in shape quick! I gave birth a year ago and came to you with typical after pregnancy flabby stomach, but to weeks later my abs are showing through and I'm almost a dress size smaller in size!!!!! AMAZING!!! keep up the good work, and thankyou, Michelle The praise cannot be too high. Your programme is unique as is the atmosphere in your gym. It's a joy to attend and work hard, I wouldn't miss a session except for the most serious of reasons - I don't think I've ever said that before about a fitness programme! I have been an exercise 'fanatic' in the past and tried virtually everything to keep fit and keep my weight steady. I have ended up with stiff joints and aches and pains as well as more than one injury but, not with the Bodydoctor. Working with my body, I have achieved a one stone weight loss in 6 weeks but with a difference. My shape is enhanced, I am toned and shapely not thin and scrawny as I have been in the past. I lost at least 2 inches off everywhere and reduced by 2 dress sizes in the first 5 weeks. My worst area, my stomach, is finally streamlining and my butt ....... well that is my real success story. After a life time of people whistling 'A life on the Ocean wave' behind me, I now have the butt of my dreams! (Thank you Space Rocket!) I have learned a new way of keeping fit and living life to the full that is easy to continue at home and my only regret is that I wont always be able to attend Utopia Village! Regards and many many thanks. Maggie. With a fitness level described as "f***ing shambolic", the attention span (and interest) of a nat, I can only describe Chris and Keith's dedication and "gentle" persuasion as deserving of an Olympic Gold. Excellent results obtained from excellent trainers. Try them if you dare...................


Lorraine "I can completely genuinely say that spending six weeks with the Bodydoctor was the most beneficial overall health and fitness exercise that I have ever undertaken. Not only did I physically see the change in my body but through the insightful conversations during my training I learnt so much about how your body actually functions, the importance of good nutrition, how muscles are the furnaces of life and on health in general. I came away with all the necessary information and experience to make a profound difference in my life - and I am now living proof of this." best regards, Christine David, I want to thank you and the team for the great job you have done with my fitness. Before I started with you I genuinely thought I was fit: I went to the gym several times a week and skied actively all winter. But my wife had gone to you and gave me a series with you for a Christmas present (what did she know that I didn't?). I also needed to prepare for a heli-ski trip in India, skiing at altitudes up to 5,000 meters. In previous trips the first day was always pretty hard no matter how much I trained for it. But I have to say, after training with you for 3 months I realized that although I actually WAS fitter than most people, I was no where near as fit as I could be. I would say you helped me double my fitness: aerobically, strength and endurance. And the proof of the pudding: I skied the best first day at altitude in India ever! Actually skied the second most vertical for the week, behind only an ex-World Cup skier (and that's only because I got sick for one day!). I am now in maintenance mode with you and the team (once a week). It still makes a difference and I intend to keep up the training. Thanks again! regards, Alex Hi! Just thought I would place an order for a new programme and let you know how I've been getting on with your 'Beginners Programme' What a difference this programme made. Prior to starting the beginners programme I had been going to the gym 2-3 times a week and had been changing in house gym procedures drawn up by the gym staff every 6-8 weeks. Whilst my cardio-vascular fitness had radically improved (i.e. I could run for more than 3 minutes without going purple and was comfortably doing 25 minutes) I was not terribly happy with the results I was getting in terms of 'beating the wobble'. My pear shaped physique was still pear shaped and whilst I was noticeably stronger no matter haw often or hard trained I remained undeniably 'a pear'. I put this down to the fact that I was 32 and that whilst I wobbled a bit I never had a 'weight problem', so I reasoned that my body clearly felt it had reached its optimum shape and all I could do was try and maintain it into middle age! But then I discovered 'The Bodydoctor'. On beginning your initial programme and making changed to my diet (i.e. reducing fat content, I have not got as far as starch and protein meals) and going on summer holidays and not training for three weeks. I have to say that the difference I have seen has been nothing short of amazing. My all too familiar pear shape has gone and my upper body particularly had been quite simply transformed - impressive stuff! After reading through your programme I discovered that I was training too hard so I invested in a heart monitor, initially I felt like I had exchanged being a hare for a tortoise but soon got used to it as I actually started training within zone for the first time. What a contrast to the sessions my gym instructor had put me on, which seemed to be more about running around like a beetroot coloured lunatic than thinking how the body actually works! Training with free weights was a novelty idea too. I had to overcome my fear of being 'in that room' with all of those big grunting men who heaved huge weights around and sweated everywhere! Nevertheless I persevered (they now make space for me) and frequently re-read the beginners manual to make sure that my technique is right and that I have not developed any bad habits. But now I'm ready to move on to bigger things and in view of these amazing results would like to order another programme. What I'd like to do is develop a pair of thighs that I can crush walnuts between! No but seriously, I'd like to reduce the all too familiar female thigh 'wobble factor'. Not that I want to loose my female curves, far from it, I just want firmer curves as opposed to over running, wobbling curves. Basically I would like to develop the kind of impressive tone on my upper legs that I have achieved on my upper body. With this in mind will you please send me either the Circuit Training programme or the Half Time Workout Whichever you think will be the most effective in helping me achieve this mammoth task!
Kind Regards,
Jo Hemley


Hello David: I'm now back in New York after five months. I can't even tell you what feels like. I just wanted to thank you for changing my life. You have no idea what working with you did to me. Since I was a little girl my body has been my biggest issue because I was a dancer, then a model and now an actress; as a Latin woman of course I had big hips but being in the fashion industry it wasn't easy .It took, after so many years, to do 'The Mummy' for this to change. Never has my body looked so good, my whole shape has changed and now here in NY of course I miss you and wish you were here to keep working. In the meantime I am doing all the routines from the book and it seems to be working. Hope you continue to tell me what to do, because I trust you a hundred percent after what you've done. Thank you so much David, I miss you and all of your staff. Hope to get to work with you very soon. Here or anywhere. Love Patricia Velasquez. Dear David, Kris, Steve and Steve,


A huge thanks to you all for your excellent training and friendship over the last six weeks.

Before I started at Bodydoctor I'd lost £££'s at swanky gyms that I'd brusquely neglect after three weeks of joining, and had piled on the guilt of not working out. I was desperate to get fit, feel agile, and swagger around with boundless energy in jeans I could no longer squeeze into.

With the Bodydoctor fitness programme I achieved all of this, and more. I learned how to exercise correctly and marvelled at the dramatic results on my fitness levels and overall body strength. I dumped my preconceptions about using free weights, and watched - aghast - as they toned and sculpted. I learned about nutrition, about maximising exercise time, about using equipment efficiently and effectively. Three weeks after joining Bodydoctor, I was shedding pounds (the right kind, this time) and piling on energy.

My visits were always a pleasure. I wouldn't have come this far in such a short space of time had it not been for the limitless advice and encouragement of the team. I can't wait to do another six weeks, and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Now that I've tasted the elixir that is Bodydoctor fitness, there'll be no turning back.

All best,