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Bodydoctor Health & Fitness offers a variety of fitness training and weight loss options

Available in London Primrose Hill NW1 / St John's Wood NW8, Forte Village Sardegna and also available in your home, the Bodydoctor home prescription.

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Personal Training, The Traditional 6 Week Bodydoctor Course

Personal Training Course at Bodydoctor

Our traditional Bodydoctor fitness course is 20 one-on-one personal training sessions which consists of three sessions per week over a 6 ½ week period. In this time frame we will take you from A to Z and effect a change in your body composition, shape and fitness levels. The course consists of two assessment sessions and 18 training sessions. In the first assessment we evaluate your fitness boundaries and figure out your starting level. We carry out heart-lung function (aerobic), strength to weight ratio, overall strength as well as core abdominal function tests. We also weigh, measure and take your body composition. This is followed by tuition in cardiovascular training techniques. During the first assessment you will also be given nutritional advice to aid and compliment your Bodydoctor programme In the second assessment we teach you each and every exercise in great detail. This is done by breaking each exercise down into the individual components of posture, breathing, timing and core awareness. It is also carried out at 70 - 80% of maximum to pre-programme your muscles over an unfamiliar range of movement. This is one of the fundamental differences between fitness teaching and fitness training. Everything is geared to giving you results by maximising your energy expenditure in minimal time. This is the true concept of working with your body.

We are the only private training studios in the country to offer a full Kinesis Wall for specialised and rehabilitation training.

The structure of a traditional personal training course consists of three sessions a week, which would take place on either a Monday, Wednesday and Friday or a Tuesday, Thursday and one of the weekend days. This is important, as your body needs to get into a rhythm.

In cases where coming to the Bodydoctor studios three times a week for personal training is either geographically impossible or not feasible for other reasons, we do allow clients to come once a week, or twice a week. This is agreed on the basis that the other one or two workouts are carried out either at home or in a gym that is closer to home. This is imperative for significant progress to be made initially.

Other Personal Training Courses

Bodydoctor sessions can also be purchased in packages of 10 and five. These packages are ideal for clients wanting to have a single Bodydoctor session per week, or for those that are in London for a short time and require a 'crash course' to perfect the technique.

Single Sessions

For those of our clients who have purchased either the mail order programme or personal training book, and sometimes wish to have a single training session to ensure that their technique is perfect, we have made provision for this as a single session, but it can only be booked subject to availability.

The Personal Training Sessions

Each session is 1-½ hours and consists of warm up, resistance, core and flexibility work followed by varied cardiovascular work. At Bodydoctor we believe in expanding your fitness boundaries from within not overloading your muscles so they are sore and tight for weeks afterwards. The bonus is that your body will feel energised and more flexible, not tired and so tight that you are unable move freely and need a week of rest. Its not working harder its working smarter.

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