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The structure of a traditional personal training course consists of three sessions a week, which is important, as your body needs to get into a rhythm.

The structure of a traditional personal training course consists of three sessions a week, which would take place on either a Monday, Wednesday and Friday or a Tuesday, Thursday and one of the weekend days. This is important, as your body needs to get into a rhythm.

The whole ethos of our personal training is to put your body back into balance. Improving flexibility and range of movement  whilst improving structural strength. We take your through a series of exercies which complement each other.

On the first and last session, we measure body composition to see how you have changed over the course, in both inches lost and bodyfat % change. 

After you have completed your first course, the future is bright, your training evolves to keep your body changing and fitness levels increasing. 


The Bodydoctor Original Programme

Aimed at people who are new to resistance forms of exercise and have a limited history with exercise but also people who are new to the Bodydoctor way of exercising.  This programme is best suited to those whose goals include gaining a better fitness level, losing body-fat and putting the body back into balance. The current working format of many people is early starts and late nights, poor diet due to lack of preparation and choice, and a body which has been contorted to remain in the biomechanical position of their desk chair. This programme has a three session a week structure, in the format of one session every other day with two days off after the third session of the week. From a beginner's stand point, this means that your body has a day to recover after each training session before the next. The programme follows a set routine of exercises, ordered in such a way that each helps to counteract the negative effects of the previous, meaning that you maintain maximal flexibility whilst staying as pain free as possible (using resistance exercises for the first time will generally always cause a moderate amount of soreness in the muscles). You will be taught how to exercise’s not just about moving a weight from A to B! Perform an exercise correctly and you have improved its effectiveness by tenfold! This is why we are on a different level to everyone else! 

Bodydoctor programme +

Already completed the original programme and are now looking for more? Fancy trying a more intense exercise programme designed and written for you based on your goals and current fitness? This is the one for you! This programme has Bodydoctor written all over it! A focus on breaking the exercises down and teaching them to you correctly, 100% focus on form and technique and results driven, this could be the change you need. You will notice a rapid improvement in strength and coordination using compound lifting exercises including deadlifts, squats and presses. Cardiovascular fitness will improve through increasingly intense workouts, with work and rest periods manipulated to keep your body guessing. This programme works best when you can train three to four times a week. You will be given a bespoke nutritional plan which changes throughout the course to compliment the weeks training schedule. There is an optional supplement package which we recommend to get the best results

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