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Alex Frick had always viewed himself as an active man. He cycled and spent between 30 and 60 days a year skiing. So he was a little bemused when his wife bought him a six-week programme with Bodydoctor Fitness as his Christmas present. 'I was scratching my head,' he admits, particularly as it turned out that it was he - not his wife - who was actually paying for it! 'I really enjoyed the first session.They had a very precise and specific approach to fitness. I was the classic example of a guy who went to the gym and huffed and puffed without accomplishing his objectives. I learned to do everything a different way.'

Alex's passion is skiing, particularly heli-skiing, but he was getting older, and admits that, as a result, on the first day of a skiing trip 'I couldn't just put on my skis and spend the whole day skiing. I couldn't ski the first afternoon.' The top lifts for heli-skiing can be 5000 m (16,405 ft) high, and Alex says that skiers need to be 'pretty fit to deal with the high altitudes.' He had an Indian heli-skiing trip planned for a month after his first session at Bodydoctor Fitness. 'The first day went like a breeze,' he recalls. 'I was the oldest guy in a group of four, the others were all in their twenties and thirties, but I was the only one who could go on all day.' At the end of the week, the organizers count how many vertical feet the skiers have travelled - reflecting the number of jumps. Alex's trip had been interrupted by a two-day bout of dysentery, yet he recorded the most vertical feet. 'I just found myself ten times fitter. It has been an eye-opening experience.'

Alex, who did not follow the nutrition plan but claims he always eats healthily, actually put on weight as he built new muscles 'but my body fat fell a few per cent.'

The programme has also helped Alex in unexpected ways. 'I race cars and you need to be physically fit to do that.The cockpit is extremely hot, you swing from side to side and a lot of physical effort is involved. I was involved in a bit of a wreck at the weekend, but I was actually fine.'


Dear David,
I have trained seriously for 20 years, and I can say without hesitation that your Beginners' programme is the most effective workout I have ever experienced. As many others have doubtless discovered, there is much more to this program than just "sweat 'n' tears". The workouts are certainly intense but, to be honest, no more than I'm used to, as I was an international sprinter as a youth. My impression is that the key to the program's success lays in the way you have constructed it overall, and ordered the various exercises, to enable the body to work at it's efficient frontier. I have been surprised at the gains I have made in terms of strength, stamina and flexibility, the more so because I didn't realise beforehand these areas needed so much improvement.
I should also mention an unexpected but very significant benefit of the program for me. Over the years, I have acquired the usual catalogue of minor injuries and, like everyone else, have become used to feeling their cumulative after-effects, particularly after heavy training sessions. With most of the problems in my spine and shoulders, I have had regular chiropractic treatment for years, and this has usually been very successful. Completely contrary to my expectations, these problem areas felt better rather that worse after your workouts, right from the very beginning, as I have continued with the program, so has the improvement been ongoing. In short, I have not needed to see a chiropractor or a physio since I started your Beginners program.
I don't believe I have in any way yet exhausted the potential of the Beginners programme, and will continue to use it for the foreseeable future. When I eventually return to London, I intend to enrol for 20 coaching sessions with you, not least to see how much I'm kidding myself about being a tough self-coach! However, I am interested to know whether you could construct a circuit-training program for me, to either supplement or replace the current program. My objective remains to build general all -round fitness, balancing stamina with strength and power. I'm aware this sounds rather vague. I hope to start competing in Olympic-distance triathlons when I return to the UK, but am also starting to think about entering the "Marathon des Sables" in two or three years time. This six-day event is a self-supported 150-mile race across the Sahara. Whilst it sounds like an ultra-marathon, there are so many other aspects - the heat, the variety of terrain's involved, carrying a 20 pound pack all the while - that most competitors fond a very high level of all-round fitness is much more important than training purely for endurance running. This would also tie in with my aims for triathlon training. As an added complication, I will be travelling for much of the next six months, without access to properly equipped gyms. Any circuit that you could design that didn't involve much/any equipment would be greatly appreciated.
I hope that you will be able to design a circuit for me, and look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, please accept my thanks and congratulations for designing such a phenomenally effective programme. Sincerely, David Stewart. Love the program - I purchased it from you after the Sunday Times and I can almost feel it working, for the first time I actually _want_ to go down to the gym and work-out! Thanks, Andrew Scheele You will probably agree if I describe myself as a reasonably fit 50-something. In my youth I was a keen and active sportsman and still participate occasionally in veteran's rugby and soccer as well as skiing and a bit of tennis. Despite that background and regular visits to my local gym, I felt I was just "treading water" as regards to my fitness level. And so I presented myself to the Master and his Apprentice at Bodydoctor with a view to increased fitness, a higher energy level and a leaner physique. I liked the logic of the Bodydoctor exercising concept, I appreciated the one-on-one encouragement and supervision I received and I actually enjoyed the programme - I must have done to drag myself from one side of London to the other for seven weeks or so without missing a session - roll on the Bodydoctor gym at Chelsea Village!! The House of Pain (yes, there was a bit of that but it wasn't unpleasant) was a House of Gain - I achieved greater stamina and strength and a feeling of well being. What a pleasure to be complimented by relatives and friends for looking leaner, fitter and healthier. Thanks David and kind regards, Vincent Dear Sirs I wish to thank you for forwarding the Bodydoctor Fitness Programme. I must say what a pleasure it has been to use. It certainly does what you say. I have lost inches on my body although I have not lost weight. That is probably because I already follow the Hay system of eating. I am a gym enthusiast and also a regular tennis player. What I would like now is your recommendation for a follow up programme. I would point out to you that I am 75 years of age but coming up to 25 years and considered fit. Perhaps this bit of information might aid you in your choice of a follow up programme. Thank you once again for a splendid programme, which I shall continue until I receive my next one. Yours sincerely, David A Bryant.


I have been training at David's gym for 2 years. During this time my physical and mental health have continued to improve and I have probably never been fitter. David and his s taff are very good, humerous and skilled at their jobs and training has become both essential and fun!! I read about david in the Times Style magazine and for someone who was completely over partied and over worked, his brand of fitness therapy was just what I needed and it has certainly worked. So if you are thinking of giving it a try make sure you do. Mike Champion


To whom it may concern:
I first heard about the Bodydoctor training programme in the summer of 2000, when I read an article in The Sunday Times Style magazine. The journalist was singing the praises of this particular workout citing, amongst other things, the simplicity, the lack of stiffness, and most importantly, the marvellous results.
Fed up with different personal trainers telling me the best way to train, generally feeling too sore to move for two days afterwards, and never quite achieving the results I desired, I decided to purchase the Bodydoctor's sweat-on wipe-off laminated instruction book for £60, approximately the price of one and a half hours of personal training in my local gym.
I was immediately impressed with the forthright views David Marshall expresses so strongly. The technique is simple, but never referred to in any gyms I have been to; the concept is of "working with your body". This may sound like more personal trainer-speak, but makes immediate sense. It requires exercising one muscle in isolation, and with the next exercise working another muscle, which simultaneously stretches the muscle just used. This "sequential exercising" is referred to as "cleaning as you go" and has the remarkable effect of feeling "long" and "stretched" at the end of each workout, rather than sore and scrunched up, the direct result of using the second exercise to counterbalance the first.
The introductory notes are revelationary; David explains the principles behind the routine, the (very basic) equipment required, the best way to warm-up, how to breath and how to exercise. This is done in such a simple, straightforward manner that one cannot imagine there is any other way to exercise. It even gives one the confidence to look at the no-neck bodybuilder in the corner of the free-weights room and say "No, you're doing that all wrong mate".
The results are best measured at first over a six week period. I will not go in to all the details, but they are best evidenced through use of a tape-measure rather than scales. Over six weeks, I lost 3 1/2" from my waist, 2" from my hips, 1" from my shoulders, and 14lbs in weight (to 13st 7lbs). My appearance actually suggested that I had lost more than 14lbs, although David is quick to explain that lean muscle is dense, solid and heavy, but also more efficient and therefore requires more energy to burn fat. In other words, the more of this lean muscle on your body (which is small, compact muscle - Brad Pitt rather than Jason Leonard), the lower your body fat becomes. He is also quick to point out that this principle works as well for women as men, and is suitable for all ages.
I used the book to accompany my work-outs for about six months and I am now using the Bodydoctor gym in North London. I cannot recommend this programme enough. It is undoubtedly the best value personal training product in the market and the effect on my size, shape and general health has been fantastic.

Nick, London SW6


Dave, Thanks for sending me the data sheet for my partner, Philip. As I mentioned on the phone he is a huge fan of yours, having bought the Body Doctor programme when you were featured in the Sunday Times about 15 months ago - in fact we have been ringing your office on a fairly regular basis since to buy the other programmes - which I understand will probably now be done in an interactive sort of way. Philip has been doing his Body Doctor routine as he calls it for a year now - and a very happy chappie he is too. When he returns from his business trip down under in a couple of weeks he'll fill in the sheet and return it. I rang today because his birthday is coming up and I wanted to surprise him with some sessions with you or one of your trained people. As much as I know it is stupendous value I can't afford £1,500 - any chance of buying 5 or 10 sessions? I know you are incredibly busy, very successful and probably don't need/want the extra work at this stage but Philip is one of the England Rugby Coaches and also coaches Wasps, the London team and can probably steer some business your way. What do you think? Maria Pedro


David, I am now half way through my training course and seeing real improvements. Having tried several regimes at my local gym i can safely say that this programme is the most effective and focused that I've known. Motivation and discipline are the hardest part but all the trainers at Bodydoc have been great. Thanks guys !! Regards, Kevin Thompson Dear David, Just wanted to write you a few word, to say thank you and to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with you. Being an actor means I must always stay fit, and though I am no athlete, I have been working out for years, at times alone and at times with a personal trainer. I wanted you to know that even though we worked together only for a short time, my body's reaction to your training was fantastic! With in a few short days I felt stronger, lost body fat, gained muscle and generally felt a lot more energized than with my other training programs. I am going to do all I can to continue the BodyDoctor training program here. I would appreciate though, if you packed your bags and moved out here to LA! With lots of love, and looking forward to seeing you again soon, Oded Fehr


Dear all at Bodydoctor, just a short letter of thanks and what we think of your service. 29 year old woman (Wendy) - "I'd tried dozens of fitness regimes in the past but none that showed the instant results that the BodyDoctor did. In just two weeks I began to notice a difference, by the end of the sixth week I had completely changed shape. Every routine feels like it is making a difference - there's no wasted effort or energy. It makes a pleasant change to be able to say that the reality actually outstripped the hype." 30 year old man (Me) - " I gave my girlfriend a six week course at the BodyDoctor as a present - it was one of my better investments. I watched as her body shape completely changed in front of my eyes. Not only did she look and feel better physically, she also felt better mentally. It was an absolute revelation. However, the best thing about the Bodydoctor is that, unlike many quick-fix, short-term regimes, the results continue to this day. You can't ask for more than that." And if you want my view on the sessions so far: "Having spent years training as a professional footballer I thought I knew all there was to know about training and fitness. How wrong I was. The Bodydoctor introduced me to a mode of training that surpassed anything I had experienced in the past. For the first time I saw just how much effort I had been wasting during all that football training. Every Bodydoctor exercise felt like it was having the desired effect. I had always assumed that I was as fit as I possibly could be, the Bodydoctor took me into a new league." Thanks, Colin Barr. Hey, I hope this is the right address any way I'm sending this e-mail as a testament to you David as a friend and consummate professional worked with the body doctor over the course of three months during the shooting of the MUMMY 2.Not only did I get a physique that I was happy with I got an approach to life that is proving invaluable. Namely when you are at the grip of the hardest obstacle push yourself beyond where you would normally stop because it is here where the gold lies. I've adopted this philosophy in all walks of my life. I would not hesitate to recommend the BodyDoctor to anybody seeking both long-term and short-term fitness. His techniques are simple and superb and he and his staff will never allow you to give up. I truly found a new resolve as a result of our meeting. Thankyou, Adewale.


To whom it may concern,
I recently worked with David on the mummy 2. He was introduced to me early on in pre production and from there we formed a great relationship. He began his fitness programs for the artistes and the stunt performers early on in production. Gradually the cast and also members of the crew saw what a great set up David had. His studio membership was getting bigger by the day. David is probably the most keen instructor I have worked with, fitting in with the brutal filming schedule and always making himself available to the cast when ever needed even if they had a 5 am make up call, he would be there to do his work before there make up so it wouldn't interfere with our schedule. His growing knowledge & consideration for filmmaking makes him an asset to use on a production and I would have no problem in recommending David to other artistes or productions in the future Dave "body doctor" is the best. JAMIE CHRISTOPHER KEY 2ND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR


I am writing to tell you that I have been following your programme for nearly one year and am delighted with the results. These are as follows:- When I first took the time to read the bodydoctor fitness exercise book in March this year, little did I realise the change it was going to bring to my life. You see, years of neglect and sedentary life had resulted in me carrying in excess of 115kg, which at a height of 1.76m and the age of 35 put me in pretty bad shape. The book is simple to follow and self-explanatory in many ways and following its instructions led to me dropping from a 44inch waist to a comfortable 40 within one month. I was actually quite amazed and felt that perhaps losing this weight would be easier than I thought. It did however not prepare me for the real deal. You see, although I was happy with my exercise routine based on the guidelines set out in the book, I just wanted to see what the difference would be in training with the bodydoctor himself. I figured I might still be doing a few things wrong. Well I thank god I made the step. The meticulous attention and the extra effort achieved under the supervision of the personal trainers have turned me in 4 months into 82kg with a 32 inch waist. The exercises though the same take on a different dimension when executed properly and the rate of progression in fitness, strength as well as weight loss are hugely amplified by the cardiovascular attention the trainers add to the exercise routines. I have no hesitation in telling anybody that the exercise book is extremely effective and a worthwhile investment in ones own health. However any one lucky enough to be within distance of the bodydoctor has the opportunity to really astonish themselves at the improvements that can be achieved. To any one who wishes to improve their lives, Alain Kemeny. "I am now into my ninth week of training. The sessions are hard work but great fun and the results are absolutely amazing! My fitness levels have increased phenomenally, I feel much stronger and, most importantly, I have lost nearly a stone and a dress size since starting the training. I have been a member of countless gyms over the last 20 years and have used many different programs but I can say with hand on heart that this is the best I have experienced. Keep up the good work David!" Regards, Akiko