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When Alain Kemeny first started the Bodydoctor Fitness Programme, he was 'about 18 stone 3 lb, extremely round, very unfit' and generally ate anything he felt like. 'Clearly I wasn't happy. My waist was between 44 and 46 in, and something needed to be done,' he recalls.

It was not until his father fell ill, that something was done. 'One of the surgeons commented that the risk to my father would have been lower if he had not been so overweight. It stuck in my mind, and I decided to act.'

He embarked on the programme, combining it with changes to his lifestyle. 'I kept away from fat, dramatically cut down dairy and starch and cut out coffee and sugar completely. I also drank a lot of water, and started walking everywhere,' he says. 'I took it slowly. I didn't think everything would change overnight.'

But it did.Within one week, Alain felt better. Within three weeks, he noticed that his muscles were more defined 'where the fat used to be. At four weeks, I noticed quite clearly that my trousers were getting looser - that's all the time it took.' When he finished the six-week programme, Alain bought trousers two sizes smaller than his usual size. 'You notice some improvements very quickly, and that made me want to continue the process.'

Eight months after Alain began the programme, his weight had dropped to just under 12 stone - a loss of just over 6 stone (76 kilos). 'My waist was down to 32 in.There had been some periods where my weight seemed to stabilize, but I just worked through them.'

He adds: 'I felt refreshed. I had a lot more energy.The workouts didn't drain me. In fact, I was more tired when I stopped going.There are elements of discomfort with some exercises, but anybody can do this. It is certainly not difficult.'




Steve Marshall lost 5 stone over five months on the Bodydoctor Fitness Programme. He was so impressed that he joined the company. And no, he is not related to David Marshall!

Steve was at college studying Sports Therapy when his mother started training with the Bodydoctor. 'I just wanted to meet him and see what it was all about.' Steve, who had once played rugby for Wasps and had been in the reserve England Under-21 squad, had piled on the pounds when he gave up the game. 'I had not exercised in about 18 months and was eating the same amount of food as I had when playing rugby,' he admits. 'I sat down and had a chat with David and agreed to start doing the programme. I did it once a week with him, and twice a week on my own.'

Steve had a serious knee injury that has required 19 operations to date. It prevented him doing lunges, and he could only do squats with a low weight. He also did extra cardio work. 'I pushed myself,' he recalls. 'I know how hard you can push yourself when you want to.

'Because of my rugby background, I had lived off carbohydrates all my life. I cut those out pretty fast. I didn't touch gluten, bread, pasta or dairy and I introduced portion control. I also didn't drink alcohol,' he recalls.Two stone fell off within seven weeks. 'After two months, friends were saying, “you look like you have lost a lot of weight.” It was just falling off. And I was sleeping a hell of a lot better. I would wake up and get up. I had always been someone who hit the snooze button. My posture improved.' He was also surprised to discover that the programme did not aggravate his knee injury. Steve admits that his weight loss stabilized after two months - he hit a plateau - but then 'after another month, a load more came off.'

As a rugby player, Steve was strong in many respects 'but I was physically weak,' he admits. 'I never did any upper-body work. I got stronger very quickly doing the programme. I started the chest press at 7.5-kilo dumbbells. By the end, I was pushing 25-kilo dumbbells. I had tripled my strength.' He adds: 'Having been fortunate enough to play with and against some of the greatest rugby players around, such as Laurence Dallaglio and Martin Johnson, I was accustomed to working at the highest levels. I wanted to work with the best in my field.'


'You get exactly what they promise - a better body - and with a 2 (trouser) size reduction, I'm more than happy. BDF offers a full gym workout with one-to-one tuition in a friendly, sparkling clean environment. This is the way all gyms should be!' Anthony Coles


David, Long after the event I know but I thought I should just drop you a note to thank you, and Chris, for all your hard work trying to knock me back into shape. As you know I lost about 3 inches off my waist, which being a beer drinking bloke had become in need of attention. It was wonderful to roll back the years of abuse and get into a few pairs of trousers that had not been out of the wardrobe for a while! The main difference that you made to my life though was in my energy levels throughout the day. Coming to you at 6.15am was not always exactly what I felt like doing first thing in the morning but having done it I felt energised for the rest of the day. Being a TV producer is not exactly the most physically demanding career in the world but without the energy to attack the problems of the day it is very easy to leave things until tomorrow, which in my job is inevitably too late. So I thank you for the ability to "seize the day" once again and although it is always a pleasure to see you and do battle with your shy, retiring character I am hoping that I now have it within me to keep myself in shape. Kind regards to you and Chris and I wish you and your family health and happiness, Keith Valentine.


Just to say 'thank you' to Bodydoctor Fitness for the courses I have taken. Doing this was, quite frankly, one of the best decisions I have made in years. It made a really striking difference within just a few weeks; my standard of fitness lept up, surplus weight dropped away and my energy levels seemed to increase dramatically. With them, my general state of mind also improved in ways I would frankly not have thought possible. I lost at least 3 inches around my waiste in 2 months and am still shrinking! No wonder I started on a second course as soon as I had finished the first one! I would recommend you very highly to anyone. Best wishes, Christopher Clement-Davies


I have been using your Bodydocotor training regime for beginners and have found it excellent. I would like to order the other four programmes from you; Circuit training; Build and Grow; Half-time Workout; Power programme (sports specific) It says in the back of my book the full set can be bought for £100 which I have enclosed a cheque for, could you also send me details of the 'Herbal Juice Detox Therapy' Much obliged G Carlisle.


Just a quick note to thank all of you for the results that I have achieved in the last few months. I have just finished my second set of 20 sessions and the results are amazing! As you know I have had operations on both my knees which has prevented me keeping fit for some time. Unlike previous attempts at health clubs where I end up not attending I have not missed any of your sessions. I have lost weight, gained energy, improved my posture and strengthened my knees. You have an unique set up and should be congratulated on your efforts. Many thanks to you David, Chris, Bobby, Keith and Susan. I'll be back! Pramod Kumar


"The idea of a personal trainer seemed a bit 'naff' and definitely a girly thing. However something had to be done, as the waistline told me. The Bodydoctor was just that. The sessions over six weeks put me back on the straight-and narrow(er) - probably two or three inches narrower. Overall about 18 pounds came off and more important the roadmap to keep that weight off was provided. After that as we all know whether we stay on the road or not is up to us all. But never mind The Bodydoctor is always there to put you back on if you come off." Big 'Medium' Bad Ron


This is a just a short but heartfelt thank you to the whole team for all the help you have given me. Prior to arriving at the Bodydoctor's fitness palace, I had spent the past six months suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I lacked both fitness and confidence. From the very first session I sensed that my condition could and would be beaten. Not only was I given a demanding workout, but I was also cajoled, encouraged and instilled with new found confidence. Some six months after the first visit, I am now leading a fully active work and social life and feeling fantastic. This course has a made a hugely positive impact - thank you for making the difference. Kind regards, Stefan


I first heard about Bodydoctor Fitness in an Evening Standard article. After calling, I was told that there would be a probable six-month wait. I decided to join the waiting list and was telephone after only a couple of months due to a cancellation. I was told that there would be a further one months wait but was sent in the post a few photocopied A4 sheets which broadly outlined the type of training that I would be doing. I went down to my local gym with the mail-order work out and followed the advice, as much as I could on my own pretty much to the letter. By the time that my turn was up for personal training, I felt that my fitness was already starting to improve and I had already lost a little weight. Starting with David was a big shock to the system. I was terribly unfit. After not exercising for over ten years, my weight had shot up to over 23 stone and I just about fit into 44inch trousers. Those first few sessions with David were incredibly hard, particularly the Stairmaster, an exercise David didn't put me on for two weeks because of 'fears I'd have a heart attack'. It was after a Doctor had told me he'd advise against life insurance for a mortgage that I knew I had to get fit. It was no longer about looking good, but actually staying alive. It really is that simple. When a Doctor tells you that the best you can expect is chronic arthritis in your knees because they are carrying around too much weight you tend to listen!! I've seen great successes at Bodydoctor and I'd like to count myself as one of them. I'm certainly off the danger list and now easily fit into 38inch jeans and sometimes even 36! That's not what's important though it's that I'm now not likely to be another young male heart attack statistic. I've learned a lot of how the body works with David. Muscle weighing more than fat might sound obvious but I never knew that. David's plan works with the body and helps BURN fat as well as BUILD muscle. And believe me I do mean BURN. The exercises are still not easy. They never will be - he keeps putting up the level, but I don't want to keel over and die after doing them anymore! It's a quality of life issue and the quality of my life has improved dramatically after working with David.
The Big PA.


I read about your programme in the Sunday Times earlier this year. Because I live in the Midlands it was difficult to get down to see you in London regularly enough to warrant enrolling for one-to-one training and I therefore opted for the programme booklet. Six moths later, I consider it to have been, without question, the best £37.50 that I have ever spent. Not only have I regained long forgotten levels of fitness, but also I have reduced my weight from 84 kg to 73 kg and my body fat percentage from 24% to 17%. Having tried various other approaches in the past, I am delighted to have found a programme that really works. Furthermore, although it has not been 'fun' at least it has been no sort of hideous ordeal. I exercise for at least 50% longer than I have ever been able to in the past and motivating myself to get to the gym is never a problem, thanks to the obvious progress that I can see myself making. Perhaps of more credit to your programme is that not once during the six months that I have been using it have I suffered any type of strain or injury either during or after training, the 'clean as you go' principle really works! I would happily recommend the programme to anyone and wish you continued success. With kind regards Alan C Mann