Personal Fitness Training Book

Personal Fitness Training Book

Weight loss and fitness training, women we've trained talk about their results

I lost one and a half inches off each thigh, and also from my hips and waist

Dear David

I ordered your fitness book in October and gave myself seven weeks before my holiday in the Maldives to tone up. Its really hard work but I made myself keep rigidly to the programme three times a week with an hours cardio at the end of each session, and two long walks on the free days. I have been going to the gym for several years now and have never achieved results so quickly in the areas I wanted to (ie thighs and bum). I lost one and a half inches off each thigh, and also from my hips and waist. It was great to go on the beach without trying to cover up my thighs, so thanks very much and I will be continuing the programme, if only because it is so enjoyable.

Carole Parkhouse


Dear David,
I brought your book for beginners fitness and nutrition in January 2001, as I wanted to tone my body and help myself to become a lot fitter than I was. I have been training now for four months, and have found your book to be fantastic. When I joined up, I was a size 12 dress size, and was very unfit, and within just 2 months I was astonished to find that my clothes began to hang off me, and I was even more amazed to find that I was a size 10, and that I can now run up the stairs without becoming out of breathe. I am so happy with the program, and the results I got from it. I am still using the program three times a week, and I just wanted to thank you for giving me the chance to achieve this, and to tell others that this program is the best one I have found, and that you MUST give it a go, as you will definitely benifit from it.
Keep up the good work
Yours Faithfully
Lisa Kinsella

I am delighted to tell you that after 6 weeks at the Bodydoctor gym I have lost more than 13 inches all over and dropped 2 dress sizes!!!

I bought your book after reading an article about Bodydoctor fitness in the Sunday Times. I decided to try the programme because you just made so much "SENSE" in your book... after all, what did I have to lose but all my fat clothes?
Well, I am delighted to tell you that after 6 weeks at the Bodydoctor gym I have lost more than 13 inches all over and dropped 2 dress sizes!!! I never expected to do so well in such a short period of time. The most dramatic improvement is my vastly reduced tummy and back of my arms. More importantly, I feel stronger, healthier and I have more energy than I know what to do with !
Thanks to everyone at Bodydoctor fitness, I'm no longer stressed about how I look and I feel great. The only thing I'm stressing about now is spending a fortune on new clothes!
Suzy Sotirias
4th December 2000


Received hard copy of fitness programme today. Very impressive! It logically summarises in a few pages what it has now taken me about four years of going to the gym to learn in bits and pieces and all for less than the price of a month's membership! Many congrats on the presentation as well - very handy and user friendly!
Talk to you again in six weeks,
All the best,
Diane Carlisle


Firstly I would like to say thank you for having written such an interesting and enjoyable program. I have received this program a week ago and have been following it very carefully during that week, for 3 days exactly.

My week was split as follows:
Monday: 10 min hill walking and 10 min rowing as a warm up, the program for about 1.5 h followed by 15 min hill walking as cardiovascular work. Tuesday: 45 min walk in the countryside (hill + flat)
Wednesday: 10 min hill walking and 10 min rowing as a warm up, the program followed by 30 min on the Elliptical machine (glut program),
Thursday: Cardiovascular workout in the gym: 20 min hill walking, 20 min on the stepper (Fatburner Plus program) and 20 min on the bike.
Friday: 10 min hill walking and 10 min rowing as a warm up, the program followed by 20 min on the stepper (Speed program)
Sunday: 3 h walk in the countryside (about 10 miles)

I have been using the gym for a few years now but never have I enjoyed a program so much To tell you the truth I have always preferred classes because I have never managed to follow a program in the gym for more than a few weeks because it was so boring. With your program I know it is going to be different because I am motivating and I want it to work for me. Also your book is so easy to follow and so well design that I know I am doing the exercises right. Again thank you very much for your program.

Kind regards,
Gaelle Hello,


I purchased your Beginners Programme back in July 2000 - and followed it meticulously. I lost 1.5 stones, and still have another 1 stone I would like to lose. I am 28 years old, weigh 11st. now and am 5ft.4. I am interested in following a different programme, as I am getting a bit bored of the same programme. I noticed you are bringing out a new programme in 2001 for people who have already done the Beginners Programme. Please can you let me know when it is available, as I am dying to get into something a little different, so i can vary my routines. I actually lost my 1.5 stones by September and have since stayed the same - since I returned to University:). I am so determined to lose this next stone, but need another kick-start. As I'm home for Christmas for the next 3 weeks, am planning to try and lose another 7lbs, so fingers crossed!!


Hi David,

Thanks for the advise you gave me just now on exercising during pregnancy. I will take things easy and give my body the rest it needs and deserves.

I just wanted to drop you a few lines on how I discovered your programme and how it's changed my fitness level and my all over body shape.

I had been going to the gym on and off for the last six years, not working to a particular programme but just dragging myself down there for a couple of hours a week, doing bits here and bits there, quite aimlessly and without much impact.

Although I managed to maintain a reasonable degree of fitness and body tone I still had to control my weight through constant jo-jo dieting which became increasingly frustrating. Approaching 35 I found it more and more difficult to feel good in my own skin and confident in the clothes I wore.

In November last year I read about your total body workout on the internet and decided to order the programme. It made a lot of sense to me, seemed down to earth and manageable. Particularly the magazine articles where people tried the programme and had fast and lasting results sounded very encouraging.

I started the programme at the beginning of December weighing 64 kg (5 ft 7). I never forget the first time I stood at the bus stop at 6 am in the morning on the way to the gym, thinking, what the hell am I doing!! This had better be worth it.

Only 4 weeks later I couldn't wait to get to the gym because the results were absolutely amazing. My energy level had increased, my body was visibly toning up (especially my upper arms and my stomach) and my weight was dropping. I really got into working out with free weights, it makes all the difference.

From early summer this year I was starting to feel absolutely brilliant. A perfect size 10, weighing 9 stone exactly with a better body than ever. Friends have commented on my new shape and I have passed on your programme to quite a few of them. I now know that with the right kind of programme and consistency I can have a great body and feel full of energy.

Thank you for your brilliant programme which I will continue after my pregnancy to help me get back in shape.



Dear Bodydoctor,
I have been watching the developments of the body doctor for some years now , and bought what I think must have been one of your first books-4 or 5 years ago. Being tall and never going to be 8 stone, I decided that the Bodydoctor's approach of toning muscle ,thereby increasing the body's metabolic rate when at rest and sleeping-combined with cardiovascular work and stretching exercises,brought together what was needed for my tall large body. I can say that it works,and my plastic sheet is still going strong at the bottom of my gym bag. Being a full time GP,Mum of three kids and web doc to some teenwebsites,leaves me with little time to exercise, but when I let things slip,I know that I can return to the bodydoctors schedule and get the tight size 14 back to a 12 again within six weeks.

When we look at today's fitness fads we see Pilate's, yoga and spinning as the fashions. All great in their own way, but with busy modern schedules not always possible-and for parents with kids expensive.

The Bodydoctor regime has postural,strengthening and cardiovascular elements to the complete workout which is simple,and can be home based. Home-based saves time(and money!) The new western world killer is going to be type 2 diabetes.We are already seeing the increase in teenage obesity,and all evidence shows that a stable and good metabolic rate is what the body needs.The bodydoctor fitness regime will give this to you and will be a life long tool for you and your family to use in order to stay fit and well.

Dr. Kate Pickering