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Personal Training - How we do it: Questions and Answers.

What does the Bodydoctor 20 session course consist of ?

Our traditional Bodydoctor course is 20 one-on-one sessions which consists of three sessions per week over a 6 ½ week period. In this time frame we will take you from A to B and effect a change in your body composition, shape and fitness levels. The course consists of two assessment sessions and 18 training sessions. In the first assessment we evaluate your fitness boundaries and figure out your starting level. We carry out heart-lung function (aerobic), strength to weight ratio, overall strength as well as core abdominal function tests. We also weigh, measure and take your body composition. This is followed by tuition in cardiovascular training techniques. During the first assessment you will also be given nutritional advice to aid and compliment your Bodydoctor programme In the second assessment we teach you each and every exercise in great detail. This is done by breaking each exercise down into the individual components of posture, breathing, timing and core awareness. It is also carried out at 70 - 80% of maximum to pre-programme your muscles over an unfamiliar range of movement. This is one of the fundamental differences between fitness teaching and fitness training. We also kick your ass safely and sensibly as opposed to just for the sake of it. Everything is geared to giving you results by maximising your energy expenditure in minimal time. This is the true concept of working with your body.

The structure of a traditional course consists of three sessions a week, which would take place on either a Monday, Wednesday and Friday or a Tuesday, Thursday and one of the weekend days. This is important, as your body needs to get into a rhythm.

In cases where coming to the Bodydoctor studios three times a week is either geographically impossible or not feasible for other reasons, we do allow clients to come once a week, or twice a week. This is agreed on the basis that the other one or two workouts are carried out either at home or in a gym that is closer to home. This is imperative for significant progress to be made initially.

What is the sciencific basis behind the Bodydoctor Fitness programme and what does 'clean as you go' mean ?

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What kind of results can I expect?

We are known for people losing 3 sizes, 5 inches off the waist and doubling their fitness, but you can only lose the sizes if you are 3 sizes overweight. The results that you can expect are a huge improvement in body composition, with the body ridding itself of unnecessary and unwanted excess fat deposits and the creation of long lean firm muscles, similar to the physique of a swimmer. Your fitness levels will improve dramatically as will your strength, balance, co-ordination, flexibility and general well-being '. this is preventive healthcare in action.

Why do you attach so much importance to losing inches off the waist area?

It has been recently confirmed medically, as we have maintained all along, that an excess of body fat around the mid-section equates to a danagerous level of visceral fat. This occurs when the build up of fatty tissue is predominately around the vital organs; liver, kidneys, spleen, panecras, gall-bladder etc This is far more or a health risk than an even deposit of excess fat all around the body.

What is the Bodydoctor Twinpack?

The Twinpack consists of the Bodydoctor book, which contains both the home and the gym workouts as well as extensive nutrition with recipes, shopping lists and meal plans; and the tutorial DVD which brings the book to life. This is the ultimate in DIY fitness as each exercise is broken down in detail and put together correctly in great detail.

What is the Bodydoctor 6-pack?

This fitness programme consists of the Manual, Video, Audio CD, Laminated workout sheet (all for the gym workout) and the DVD and Bodydoctor book (gym and home workout) plus extensive nutrition and recipes. Read the book and watch the tutorial exercises for either home or gym use and have your own personal trainer. This is the fitness programme that was used on three MPs and a Baroness for the BBC2 "Daily Politics Show"

This programme will show you how to do it at home or in the gym, teach you what to eat and when to eat it, the ultimate Bodydoctor DIY fitness programme. Also used by Mens Health journalist Dan Rookwood for the six-pack challenge, scrawny to brawny, triathlon and cover-model programmes. This is truly a programme which is all things to all men and women.

Is the programme suitable for me ?

This programme is suitable for all ages - our youngest client is 11, our oldest is 69! Whatever your level of fitness this programme will be suitable for you.

Can I book a single session ?

Yes, single sessions are priced at £150 plus VAT. Click here to book a session.

How much is the course ?

20 sessions cost £1,700 + VAT, 10 sessions cost £1050 + VAT, 5 sessions cost £650 + VAT.

Will I be able to do this programme in view of my history with injuries/medical problems ?

If your doctor says that you can undertake a programme of resistance (weights) and cardio-vascular work then the answer is yes, if you have chronic back or knee problems we suggest you consult an osteopath (Phillip Beach 020 7794 1140).

How can your programme be equally effective for men and women of differing ages and levels of fitness ?

This training program is designed to be equally effective for men and women of all ages and levels of fitness (or lack of fitness). It is the foundation on which all other exercises will be built. The body is like a tree. For it to be healthy you have to have a strong trunk before you can start putting pressure on the branches. All of the exercises in this program are chosen to make your trunk strong, yet still flexible. These are called core exercises. From this strong healthy and fit core of a body you can go on to better things. When you exercise your body will talk to you. Listen to it. Understanding what your body says to you is part of working with your body.

Getting slimmer is a by-product of this program, the benefits are all equal i.e. Structure, Strength, Flexibility, Low Body Fat and Cardiovascular fitness. If you follow the program diligently in its entirety without any improvisations of your own you can achieve dramatic results. This is simply because you are working with your body not against it. When your body co-operates with you it will respond to all of the effort and energy you put in as opposed to just a 30% response.

I am already slim, I don't want to get slimmer.

You will only lose weight if you are over-weight. You will however, decrease your body fat content if you are carrying too much fat.

Can I do specific work on problem areas Bums, (thighs and tums) ?

The whole body is targeted, if you have a genetic disposition to accumulating fat in certain problem areas, these will improve as much as is realistically possible, but you cannot spot reduce and anyone who tells you otherwise is stupid, wrong, or lying.

What if this programme doesn't work for me ?

If you use it, it will. Out of 12 thousand clients we have had ONE yes repeat ONE complaint that it didn't work and that was from a " Karate instructor " who only lost 2 inches off her waist, but probably photocopied it and gave it to all her students.

I have the kind of body that gets very big if I do weight training, will this make me bigger ?

No, your muscles can only get bigger if you work with a weight that is heavy enough to tear your muscle fibres, this programme is not designed to make you bigger, but will make you leaner.

I am a vegetarian, will the nutrition in this book cater for my needs ?

Yes and No. if you substitute pulses, nuts eggs etc. for meats and fish then yes. However there is no specific vegetarian advice.

What do I get for my money ?

One-on-One tuition, knowledge, information, advice, encouragement etc. OR all the above without the one-on-one by mail order.

How many times a week, how long is each session and how long will the course last ?

You will attend the studio in North West London three times a week for an hour and a half each session. The programme lasts for seven weeks and must be completed within this time. OR mail order programme - 3 x one and a half hour sessions (on your own, obviously)

How do I know it will work for me ?

You don't - we can only teach you the correct exercises and the correct techniques. If you walk out of here and eat 18 jam doughnuts, 2 cream cakes and a sherry trifle, success will be difficult and you will probably need to see a dentist! However, 99.9% of our clients. having made the financial commitment usually show the necessary nutritional common sense (we tell you what to eat) to achieve results. The training ensures that your physiology will improve dramatically, i.e. bone density, blood chemistry, lean muscle tissue, heart/lung function, strength, flexibility and overall fitness.

What if I would like to book personal one-to-one training sessions ?

Please call 020 7235 2211 or e-mail us.

GET FIT. LOSE FAT. CALL THE DOC: 020 7235 2211

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