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Our Way of Personal Training and Nutrition

personal training for men and women

Designed to be equally effective for men and women of all ages and levels of fitness, the Bodydoctor personal training programme will help you achieve your personal fitness and health goals in record time.

We have developed a full range of personal training exercises designed to work in harmony with each other. This complete fitness and nutrition programme maximises your energy expenditure for astonishing results. Improved strength and flexibility, lowered body fats and increased cardiovascular fitness, leading to an overall structural improvement of the body in every respect.

Traditional fitness programmes and personal training techniques often result in providing a miss-matched group of exercises which inappropriately performed most often end up working against each other; limiting the amount of benefit each exercise can actually produce. They leave you with an unbalanced, over-tight body, requiring you to spend time stretching, trying to release the toxins built up. This pattern will often only bring you back to the same level of flexibility and fitness that you started with.

We will teach you how to exercise correctly, how not to exercise, and we will teach you when to eat the right foods at the right time based on when you exercise, because exercise is energy used and food is refueling. With this ethos you will achieve dramatic results. This is simply because you are learning to work with your body not against it. When your body co-operates with you it will respond to all of the effort and energy you put in.

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Here are some sample personal training exercises we do. Click on these images to view the full exercise.

Sample training exercise, Lunges


Sample training exercise, Flexibility Raise


Sample personal training exercise, Warrior Curl

Warrior Curl


Our personal training teaches people how to exercise correctly

Bodydoctor Fitness has brought something vital, but sadly lacking, to the personal training and fitness industry - Tuition. Are you fed up with a gym that gives you a towel and a locker key and not much else? Or a personal trainer that is more concerned with his/her body than yours? Well, join the club, it's a very large one. You now have the opportunity to make that health club membership more than something you gave up on before you even started. We teach people how to exercise correctly - if you know what you are doing; you are more likely to be successful in what you do.

We achieve dramatic results because, quite simply, we get you do what you need to do - no more - no less. We don't waste time, we get straight to the point, i.e. what do you want out of the time you put in? Usually the answer is results, as quickly and safely as possible. Most people exercise incorrectly, that's why they don't get the results they desire, not because of a lack of effort. Unfortunately, huff and puff alone won't get you there; you need to channel your energy more efficiently in order to get maximum results, and to do this you must work your body as an entity, not in bits and pieces. Bodydoctor Fitness will give you the knowledge to go with your effort, and that's all you need. Sounds simple, but exercise and nutrition are, it's just that most people think something sounds better if it's more complicated. Keep it simple, let it work!

We have created an exercise and nutrition programme that is devastatingly effective... we teach you how to turn your exercise time into dramatic results-whoever you are, wherever you are. We work with Film companies, Premiership Football Clubs, Record Companies, TV Companies, but most important of all, we work with people - fat people - thin people - unhealthy people fit people - and most of all, real people, all of whom have the same desire, i.e. health, fitness, energy, and a body that not only looks good but really is good and healthy.

The one consistent thing about Bodydoctor Fitness is the results we achieve with everyone we train, be it our personal One-on-One approach or through our Fitness and Nutrition Programme. Our foundation stone is one of safety, efficiency, and simplicity - Exercise is not rocket science - if you do it right, you get results. We teach you how to do it, how not to do it, what to eat and when to eat it.

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