At Bodydoctor we strive to get everyone that comes to us feeling their best; both mentally and physically. A sharp mind and healthy body go hand in hand. Improving flexibility and range of movement whilst improving structural strength is our sole priority. Everyone should experience a strong, flexible, powerful body that can perform a full spectrum of requirements. Improved quality of life, no longer feeling permanently injured or stiff and weightloss are just some of the welcome side effects of training with us.

We focus on you as an individual which means not only listening to what your physical goals are but also understanding your physical limitations. This is key to a successful programme which has your personal stamp all over it.


Our trainers are the backbone of what we do; all highly qualified and very experienced. Each trainer has completed thousands of hours of personal trainings sessions with countless transformations and happy clients.

When you have a world class facility equipped with a team of trainers that know how to get the best out of everyone; you have an environment that allows for spectacular results to be achieved. Quite simply, we deliver outstanding results in a timeframe you didn’t think was possible.


You are making a commitment to your health and entrusting us to help get you there thats why at Bodydoctor we are always looking at how to best help you to reach your goals. We listen, discuss and put together a programme to coach you to get the job done. We strive to get the best out of each client and helping in every possible way we can, leaving no stone unturned as this is the only way we know how to do things.

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