The whole ethos of our personal training is to put your body back into balance: improving flexibility and range of movement whilst increasing structural strength.

Session 1 is an in-depth assessment where we will take biometric data, body fat percentage, heart-lung function, and an aerobic stress test in an attempt to better understand your physical make up.

Session 2 will be tutorial workout of our Bodydoctor programme where we teach you how to move and perform each exercise correctly. This allows us to further assess an individuals movement capacity and coordination, thus helping us in our exercise prescription.

From this we can then tailor each part of your programme to your specific goals, training history and lifestyle.

In addition you’ll receive nutritional programming that is entirely bespoke to you. Working with our resident nutritionist we will educate you on nutrient guidelines, food intolerances and carbohydrate cycling.

Continuous support, expert knowledge and goal tracking throughout will ensure that every minute is worthwhile and that you achieve everything and more in your time with us.



Our Ebook can be available wherever and whenever you need it.