With 26 bones, 33 joints and over 7000 nerve endings in each foot, the feet are the body’s unsung heroes. They are the body’s only contact with the ground when standing, they help with balance, shock absorption and are key to all movement. As such even the slightest restriction or dysfunction in the feet will affect the rest of the body.

Rupert French offers 3 foot related treatments.


Reflexology is one of the oldest forms of complementary therapy, with roots in ancient Egypt, India and China.  It is non-invasive and is based on the theory that there are microsystems on the feet, hands where the body’s organs and systems are reflected.

By massaging zones and points within these microsystems it is possible to stimulate corresponding areas on the body, helping to restore and maintain one’s natural state of equilibrium.
The result is a very deep, relaxing treatment that is wonderful for combating stress and can also be effective at alleviating a wide range of conditions.

‘Free your feet’

A combination of reflexology, foot mobilization and movement.

This brings together the benefits of reflexology with the biomechanical benefits of improved foot function.

The feet are freed up with reflexology, massage and mobilization techniques and then we do some simple exercises to promote better foot pronation and supination.

You’ll be amazed how different your body feels when your feet start to move better.

Anatomy in Motion – Movement Therapy

Anatomy in Motion uses standing posture and gait (how we walk) to assess and understand a person’s pain or movement restrictions, and then utilizes simple full body exercises to help free them up and move them out of pain.

Injuries, operations/scarring, lifestyle, footwear, occupation etc all play a part in how someone stands and walks. A thorough assessment will reveal what movements a person is avoiding or can’t do, and once identified the missing movements are reintroduced and then integrated through whole-body exercises that assimilate phases of the gait cycle.

Getting the feet to pronate and supinate properly is key to this process.  Without that the body can not function optimally.

Suitable for anyone with long term muscular/skeletal pain, recurring muscle or joint complaints, problems with their feet or anyone looking to improve athletic performance




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