Will a discounted skinny latte, popcorn and a ticket to the movies revive the nation’s health ?
It’s prioritised by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in his VAT cuts !
COVID-19 and its severity are greatly increased by obesity and Type II diabetes in the majority of populations according to medical and scientific data. Cardiovascular disease and cancer treatments have also had to be put on the back burner because the NHS has been unable to cope with the additional strain.
The lockdown has caused a tremendous negative decline in the mental health of the population as well and regular exercise is proven to be the most effective intervention for all the above conditions.
The Prime Minister has stated that he recognises that the health of the population needs to be greatly improved, and obesity levels reduced to mitigate the devastating effects of this and any further pandemics.
Social distancing, reduced footfall and increased costs due to the measures which will inevitably need to be taken to keep any exercise environment safe will have a devastating impact on the majority of fitness providers. Many of these will go out of business due to the financial effects of lockdown, so the abolition of VAT on such services would aid the survival of the industry and it’s affordability to the population.
This would ensure that the strain on the NHS, which has been so overwhelmed through the devastating effects of Covid 19 will be lowered. For every penny of tax revenue that the government loses in VAT on these services it will save many pounds in reduced costs for the NHS.
The country is heading into a huge recession and the government must do everything and anything at its disposal to enable as much of the population as possible to engage in the necessary physical activity to keep it healthy and safe.
Whether you are a fitness professional, a medical professional, or a member of the public who currently exercises, or would like to exercise but are prohibited by the costs, you or your patients would benefit from the abolition of VAT in this sector. The future well-being of the population is at stake and your support is required to gain the hundred thousand minimum signatures that we need for this to be debated in Parliament. It is not just this generation but that of our children’s at stake.
The United Kingdom is known as the fat man of Europe, and we have one of the highest incidences of obesity in the world. What kind of civilisation do we have when we are allowing our children to develop heart disease and diabetes before they are even in their teens.?
This is a national scandal and needs to be addressed now. With all the money that the Chancellor has given away on all the various Interventions I think it is surely more necessary to reduce the cost of exercise than it is on a cinema ticket or a cup of coffee. I don’t see the entertainment sector or the coffee providers being at the front of the queue to rescue the health of our nation, do you?
Please sign this petition and do everything you can to make it go viral.
Thank you, and stay safe
David Marshall
Bodydoctor Health & Fitness

Abolish VAT for the fitness industry