1. What does the Bodydoctor training programme consist of?

The Programme consists of a course of 20 sessions which include an initial assessment and a tutorial session where we teach you the exercises. Each session is based around a steady warmup, a full body workout with our trainers and finally a period of low to moderate cardio vascular work

2. Is the training suitable for me?

The programme is adjusted and tailored so that is can suit everyone of differing ages, fitness levels and any existing injuries. The only time we will discourage people from starting our exercise programme is if they are pregnant and have not trained with us before or have not been previously training up to the time of becoming pregnant.

3. Will I be able to do this programme in view of my history with injuries/medical problems.

Yes, we are very good at designing our programme to work around injuries and medical conditions and if it is suitable, we can design a programme which will help with injury recovery

4. How many times a week, how long is each session and how long will the course last?

Typically we encourage people to do three sessions a week, in a pattern of one day on and one day off with two days off after the third session. Each session traditionally lasts for 90 minutes, although this can be adapted to suit time constraints.

The course lasts for 6 and a half weeks based on three sessions a week. This generally produced the best results. However, this can be lengthened if you can’t commit to three times a week or you are travelling. The only restriction is that all sessions must be used within 1 year from the date of purchase.

5. How do I know it will work for me.

You don’t – we can only teach you the correct exercises and the correct techniques. If you walk out of here and eat 18 jam doughnuts, 2 cream cakes and a sherry trifle, success will be difficult and you will probably need to see a dentist! However, 99.9% of our clients. having made the financial commitment usually show the necessary nutritional common sense (we tell you what to eat) to achieve results. The training ensures that your physiology will improve dramatically, i.e. bone density, blood chemistry, lean muscle tissue, heart/lung function, strength, flexibility and overall fitness.

6. How can your programme be equally effective for men and women of differing ages and levels of fitness?

Our exercise programme is based around exercises which provide the foundation for which all other exercises are built upon. Everyone has the same physiological components but not the same fitness. We modify the progamme to suit the level of fitness you come to us with but you’ll end up with fitness levels far surpassing what you started with.