MBST Magnetic Resonance Therapy

A stimulation of the tissue for the treatment of degenerative diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. MBST machines emit a chosen frequency to target a specific part of the body where damaged cells are known to be present.

The amount of magnetic field used is just enough to ‘charge’ the targeted cells in order to encourage improved levels of healing.

The MBST machine, stimulates the cells within the damaged soft tissue. This cellular activity within the cells promotes the body’s natural healing process.

Non-invasive, pain free and comfortable, MBST therapy dampens pain, reduces inflammation and optimises conditions for healing.

It can help with:

• osteoarthritis
• osteoporosis

and supports tissue healing in

• bone
• tendons
• cartilage & muscles

So if you have a

• sports injury
• long term, recurring musculoskeletal pain
• muscle, ligament or tendon damage
• fracture or break
• nerve damage after injury or surgery

We begin with a consultation with our in house medic where a physical assessment may take place to establish which of the treatment options will best suit your condition.

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Magnetic resonance therapy


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