Faye Tozer – Bodydoctors personal training programme

Dutch born Jasper Irn is the drummer in his band ONE, which hopes to release next year. Along with many other stars, Jasper is training at the gym which David Marshall, the Bodydoctor, runs in Primrose Hill. The LOOK GREAT IN 6 WEEKS PROGRAMME has been proven highly successful and so Jasper is set to be another shining example of its success.

We had a chat with Jasper after one of his training sessions with the Bodydoctor to find out about his band, ONE, how the training is going in preparation for the race and what it is like being the man linked to one of the most gorgeous women in pop. The music Faye has recorded with ONE is rumoured to be quite different from what we are used to hearing her do with Steps. Over the coming year we should be hearing lots more about Jasper’s band ONE as they record more songs and get ready for their debut release.

To find out more about the Bodydoctor’s training programme you can look at his website which is www.bodydoctor.com